JYZ250 Precision Preformer

Precision Preformer is a type of rubber blank manufacturing equipment with high efficiency and high accuracy.
It can process a wide range of all rubber material including silicone, Natural rubber, NBR and FKM compound etc.
It can extrude rubber blanks of circular, rectangle, strip and odd shapes. It is especially suitable to produce sealing,
oil seal, tire valves, bottle stoppers, tennis balls, shoe soles and friction lining, etc. It integrates a variety of different
functions such as vacuuming, filtrating, extruding, cutting, weighing, counting, etc.

JYZ200 Precision Preformer


Product Features

– PLC control and touch screen operator interface, convenient to input data, password protection.
– Emergency standby keys on touchscreen for real button switches.
– Weigh scale close loop feedback system for adjusting cutter speed automatically to control blank weight.

– RS232 connection to weigh scale.
– 1000 products technics database available to connect.
– Graphic and text display for failure point and cause.
– Reliable safety performance.
– Interlocks designed for head closing, cutter rotating, and ram moving forward & retract.
– Extended center for easier cleaning.
– Reversing stainless steel conveyer to separate the incorrect weight blanks at initial phase.

Main Industries Served:

1. Automotive, Motorcycle Industry
2. Footwear Industry
3. Sporting and Leisure Goods Industry
4. Other General Rubber Goods



Ram Rubber Strainer can screen various rubber compounds include silicon,NBR,NR, butyl, and fluorine compound .
Compared to screw strainer, it will not have heat up & scorching in the whole screening process,
it can screen the rubber compound with accelerants. easy to operate, good safety performance, higher efficiency.

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